About Us

Hey there!

Hey there! We are The Tallant Method and we’re so glad you’re here! 

⁣⁣We offer 1:1 nutrition coaching, 1:1 fitness programming, and 4-week skill specific programs (which you can do on your own)! 

We are not a one size fits all company! ⁣⁣

Tiana’s strengths as a coach are her ability to see you as a whole person- and to use your unique set of personal and lifestyle factors to help you perform better than you ever thought possible- and to be a more bad ass human outside of the gym too :)) ⁣

Our priority for you is to make sure your nutrition and training program is tailored specifically for YOU. ⁣⁣

For our clients that need a full lifestyle overhaul- our goal is not to change your behaviors. Our goal is to teach you about what drives your behaviors so that you can make the appropriate changes. Our goal is to always place you- the client- in the position of power and to encourage you to make decisions that you’ll feel good about tomorrow, next month, and next year.⁣⁣

There is no right or wrong and there is no good or bad. ⁣⁣

You are not broken and you do not need fixing!⁣⁣

We are all unique. We all have unique lifestyles, histories, stressors, careers, behaviors, goals, dreams, journeys, and all of that plays into how we manage your nutrition and/or training program.⁣⁣

⁣⁣We want to help you!⁣⁣

We cannot wait to watch you succeed! 


"You are so good at what you do. Your remote coaching has been significantly better than face to face coaching I had in the past, one of which was a games athlete. Your content is raw, authentic, and real life. Scrolling through perfect world, perfect life content gets old quickly... you're impacting people's lives more than you know!"

About Tiana

Throughout my life, I have been driven to help people create the best version of themselves. This has taken many forms over the years- teaching yoga, completing a Master’s degree in Clinical Health Psychology, teaching behavior change courses, and completing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). Over the years, I have accumulated a broad skill set that has set me up perfectly for health and nutrition coaching. I want nothing more than to empower people to pursue their most big, hairy, audacious goals and dreams. Whether your goals are getting shredded for summer, crushing it in the gym, staying out of the nursing home, lowering your stress levels, or making a scary life or career change- I AM HERE FOR YOU. I believe that the big things start with the little things- sleep, nutrition, physical activity, and stress management. Once you have a better understanding of your habits in these areas, then you are better set up to tackle the things that you really care about!! In the words of Jocko Willinck, “discipline equals freedom.”