How to add a recipe in Cronometer

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** Click on the “Foods” tab- then click “Add Recipe” (as shown in image below)

**Add the ingredients in your recipe- I’ve added the ingredients for my smoothie I make every morning as an example.


**You will see in the image above that the recipe weight according to Cronometer is 45g (which makes sense because I used 20g of 2 different protein powders and 5 g of carb powder, 20+20+5= 45). What the recipe weight doesn’t account for is added liquid which you have when you make things like soups, stews, etc. It also doesn’t account for weight LOST while cooking- don’t worry, there is a strategy for managing both of those issues!

**When I make my smoothie in the morning, I add coffee, water, and ice making the total weight 480 grams. So in order to get Cronometer to register the total weight as 480 grams, all I have to do is add a dummy water entry to make up the rest of the weight. 480-45= 435 so as shown in the image below, I added an entry for 435 grams of water making the total weight of the recipe 480 grams.

**Now I can save the changes and go back to my food diary. Now let’s say I want to add this food. I click “Add Food” and type in the name of the recipe I’m looking for. Note all of your custom entries will appear in blue- as shown below.

When I select my entry “Smoothie sample” I want to change the unit from the “full recipe” (which is selected by default) to “grams”- so I can tell Cronometer how much I am having. 

Let’s say I just want to have 240 grams of the smoothie- I enter 240 grams and Cronometer automatically calculates my macros for that serving size. BLESS YOU CRONOMETER.


**THE KEY to really utilizing the recipe function is making sure that the final cooked weight of the recipe matches what Cronometer has listed. So what if your recipe loses weight when cooked?? You can add negative grams of water as shown below! 

Okay you guys! I think that covers all the basics! Hopefully this gives you the power to change up your food choices and be more confident logging mixed meals!! As always DM me with questions!




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