Flexibility and Pole Training with Stephanie

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3/ week off-the-pole workouts* focusing on legs, shoulders, and handstands
1/ week pole tutorial
bonus tutorial videos related to flexibility and handstands
*programmed by a doctor of physical therapy

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"Olympic lifts feel awesome with feet turning out in bottom position... so much more power and drive through the foot! you're a genius and have already completed changed my lifting in ways my previous coach didn't in two years of working with them."
"While I was doing my workout a trainer at the gym came up to me and told me that I was looking good and to keep up the good work. Instead of saying "thanks, ive been working really hard," I said "thanks, they feel like garbage today." *palm to face* At that moment I realized that I need to talk better about myself to myself. I need to realize and appreciated how far ive come and if I keep putting in the work theres no telling how far I can go!!"