Flexibility and Pole Training with Stephanie

I can help you!

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Pole Tutorial Tier: 1 pole tutorial every Sunday
Strength & Mobility Tier: 3 workouts* released every Sunday
All the Things Tier: Pole and Strength & Mobility workouts
Workouts are focused on leg mobility, shoulder healthy, and handstands
*programmed by a doctor of physical therapy

1:1 Flexibility for Pole Program!

Are you looking for an individualized program?

Are you working on: Front split? Middle split? Shoulder and Upper Back Flexibility?

I’d love the opportunity to be on your team and help you towards these goals!!

Most clients like to have 3-6 months with meeeeee because as we know progress takes time :))

Coaching includes:

  • My initial assessment of your current ability
  • A written program (list of exercises with reps, rounds, etc) to be performed 3-5 times/ week for one month
  • Zoom session at the beginning of each month to go over questions from previous month and program adjustments for upcoming month

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Tuesday Post – Spin combo or move

Thursday Post – Static combo or move

Sunday Post – Announcement of weekly Patreon Pole Tutorial

"Thanks for your awesome Patreon tutorial on #pdtitanic. Your preparatory exercises helped me hold this pose on spin, when before I never could!
"I loved the post backbending sequence on Patreon! I had just finished training yesterday when I found it and my back feels great today, usually it's a bit cranky on the day after backbends"