1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching with Tiana

I can help you solve all of these problems! Most of us athletes (females especially) are not eating enough to optimize our potential in the gym! I’ll teach you how to make sure you’re eating enough food to gain strength and help you diet (with minimal strength loss) for competition! I’ll teach you how to make your nutrition choices work for you and how to ditch the restrictive mindset- and the ever frustrating binge/ restrict cycle. 
You’ll learn everything below and so much more!!
"With your help I have addressed things that affect my stress and happiness. I have done an aggressive as fuck audit on what is important in my life. That was NEVER a topic of discussion with any other coach, ever. I am working out with no shirt more, having more sex, sleeping better, laughing ALL THE TIME, now at 200 than I was at 185."
"I’ve had a really unhealthy relationship with food and body image since I was a kid and I’ve tried really hard to improve my body composition from a place of love and not of hate - I failed miserably time and time again. I’ve been on a diet for most of my life as I was a very chubby kid. When I first started working with Tiana, I struggled to even recognise when I was actually hungry as the diet mentality I’d taken on had over ruled and ignored everything my body was trying to tell me."

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to track macros to work with you?

Not initially- but I generally move everyone in that direction- especially if you’ve never tracked before. Many of my clients take tracking breaks as needed which can be very beneficial in the long run :))

Do you look at food logs or just macros?

I look over your food logs for sure. We will also discuss meal timing as necessary for performance goals.

Do you have a minimum time commitment?

No minimum time commitment!

What biofeedback markers do you evaluate?

Those which are important to you! With most clients, we track things like gym performance, energy levels, sex drive, mood, sleep quality, quality of digestion. We also track progress via body weight and body comp pictures as needed. 

How often do I check in with you?

We check in weekly via email

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