Handstand Program


This program was created to help you work towards a more solid,
confident handstand!

Handstand is a tough skill – especially for those of us that did not learn it as kids!! But this program addresses many of the areas that hold us back from being able to stand on our hands including…

  • shoulder flexion mobility
  • scapular mobility
  • thoracic extension
  • body awareness in basic shapes
  • lower, mid, upper trap strength

What does this program include? – 12 30-45 min workouts all programmed within the app, Train Heroic. There are video demonstrations of all exercises.

This program has modifications and progressions so it makes it perfect for EVERYONE!

Immediately upon purchasing, you’ll be able to download the PDF version of the program! We will then add you to TrainHeroic within 24 hours of your purchase so that you can have access to the program via your mobile device- with linked video demonstrations of all exercises! Be sure to tag us @thetallantmethod @stephanietallant_pole @tiananicholetallant to show us your progress!

**please note the PDF will not match the TrainHeroic version exactly as we have made some tweaks to the program over time :))


Tiana & Steph