4 week handstand program


We’ve created a program to help you work towards a more solid HS!

Handstand is a tough skill- especially for those of us that did not learn it as kids!! But this program addresses many of the areas that hold us back from being able to stand on our hands including…

*shoulder flexion mobility

*scapular mobility

*thoracic extension

*body awareness in basic shapes

*lower, mid, upper trap strength

The program will run from October 7th- November 3rd!

What does this program include?

– 3 30-45 min workouts/ week for 4 weeks all programmed within the app, Train Heroic. **if you only have 20 minutes, you can choose 2 of the 3 pieces programmed each day**

– Videos of all exercises

– A FB group to share videos throughout the cycle- its’ll fun to see how your handstands progress in 4 weeks!

– Friday Live FB Q&A where you can ask any questions you have about exercises/ technique!

This program has modifications and progressions so it makes it perfect for EVERYONE!!

What equipment do I need?

– Space on a wall for HS holds

– A PVC pipe (or something similar)

– Small 2.5# or 5# change plates for weighted mobility (in later weeks)

– Bar (or rings) for hanging shoulder mobility and chin over bar (ring) holds

– An interval timer

– Patience

We are ONLY opening this program to 20 people, so don’t wait to sign up!

After you’ve registered, we will…

– Send you a link to the program in Train Heroic App

– Add you to the private FB group

Can’t wait to get started with you on October 7th!!

Let us know if you have any questions!!💕