Client experiences

Some awesome feedback from our clients!!

“I desperately needed to get back on track after several years of inconsistent eating and training (Which is hard to admit as a gym owner 😬.) I can easily help others with their training and nutrition but was failing to treat myself with that same objectivity. I needed a coach, but not just any coach- I needed Tiana! Working with Tiana got me back on track which means I finally have the energy I’ve been missing, my sex drive is better than ever, I actually have mental clarity, and my body is finally changing for the first time in years. If you’re on the fence, stop thinking about it and just say YES to working with Tiana. You won’t regret it.”

“I’ve been working with Tiana for a few months. She is incredibly knowledgeable. I love the way she talks to me, no bullshit. She’s to the point and can really explain what is going on. She is patient and not judgemental but will def let you know what you need to do to achieve your goals. I’ve tried every fad diet…working with Tiana is the best decision I’ve made and it has changed my perspective on what goes into my body. There are a lot of personal coaches out there that will blow smoke or just coach one nutritional path. Tiana is not that kind of coach. She does her homework and it shows. She will get to know you and help you figure out what will work best for you and your life.”

“When I first started with you it was more about just physical change and there were a lot of mental issues I wasn’t aware of. Besides the physical change, I have already gained so much from this mentally and am just in such a better place than I was six weeks ago.”

“I love how you encouraged be to count/ weigh food but you knew I had a poor relationship with food so you didn’t make me feel bad for counting or eating intuitively! Loved working with you for the time I did!”

“I like the constant check ins, consistency and its more than “just macros”

“Tiana helped me view myself differently while being okay with myself before and during a reverse diet. You helped me successfully complete a healthy diet on my own- I’ve lost 15 pounds kept it off for 2 months and have increased  my calories”

“Tiana is honest, humble & have and always had my best interest in mind”

“Tiana is patient. She’s always trying to find the root cause of issues and make real change.”

“Tiana has given me support with not just nutrition but life and mindset as well. For weightlifting meets she has been there every step of the way while other coaches just check in with me on our regular days and I was left on my own to make sure I made weight. There’s so much I’ve learned… Learning how to live in balance, being happier with my body at any stage, loving myself and learning maintenance!! I used to live in a restrict/binge cycle. Tiana has been everything a coach should be!”

This last one is a bit longer- but it really embodies so many important aspects of my coaching process! Worth the read if you have 5 min! xo

“There are some more basic things that I appreciate like how easy it is to talk with you and joke around and actually be a human instead of a nutrition robot. I genuinely felt your personality and emotions shine through. It wasn’t a clinical or sugar-coated formal interaction and that helped me get comfortable telling you very personal details (helloooo bowel movements). It made me feel like -I- didn’t need to sugarcoat anything either, and that I could always question information or advice until I was on a level that I was comfortable with. 

For me the huge takeaway from our time together has been the mental and emotional work. Did we make strides towards getting my body to a better place? Absolutely. I learned tons about my physical body. But what you did that no other coach had was address things like sleep, STRESS, anxiety, correlative relationships between food and exercise and my regular life, actual clinical health issues beyond weight loss, help me come to my own terms with fitness routines and goals. I feel like on your side you would hear me complain about things or express frustration or fears and would help guide me to the source, and how THAT JUNK was affecting my day to day. 

I have followed our plan since we stopped working together- increasing food and then beginning a cut phase. In that maintenance time I was really living it up and enjoying a lot of indulgences (living that YOLO life haha), and I knew I had gained weight, but when I went to weigh myself for day 1 of deficit macros I discovered I was actually at 200lbs which is the heaviest I have been in a looooooong time. The person you started working with last year would have IMPLODED. Hate spiral. Punishment. SO MUCH STRESS. Why did I pay a coach all that money just to gain weight?!

I think I said “oopsie” out loud, laughed, shrugged and got off the scale and went back to my normal life. These days I am the happiest I can remember being in I don’t know how long! And what still surprises the shit out of me is how much I do not give a fuck that I have gained a little weight, which is an ENTIRELY NEW plane of existence for me. I am totally comfortable with where I’m at because I am completely confident in the path I am on. Plus turns out it’s a lot easier to lift heavier things while cultivating mass. 

With your help I have addressed things that affect my stress and happiness. I have done an aggressive as fuck audit on what is important in my life. That was NEVER a topic of discussion with any other coach, ever. I am working out with no shirt more, having more sex, sleeping better, laughing ALL THE TIME, now at 200 than I was at 185. Allllllll the time when making quality choices for myself I catch myself singing in my head “the Tiana method is in meeeeeee!”

One day I won’t give a fuck anymore if I can strict press 100lbs or if I got some tummy rolls, but I sure as shit want to live long and live happy. That’s a perspective shift that is THANKS. TO. YOU.”