Skill-Specific Programs

These programs are for you! Each program is 4-weeks long with 3 sessions/ week. Each session takes between 30-45 minutes, so you can add it before/ after your other training. All programs are built in TrainHeroic which you can access on your phone! You will also have lifetime access to all programs so you can go back to them as frequently as you like! Built by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, our programs emphasize getting you into the proper positions to achieve the skills you’ve been chasing!! 

"I'm on the moon! I've been scared to go upside down all my life. I've never felt the confidence or the strength to do it. Who knew I would be doing this at 41! Cannot thank you both enough for putting together such a great program!"
"I highly recommend the 4-week handstand program. Whether you’ve never been able to get upside down or you are a proficient handstand walker, the workouts are strategically programed for any level. The program is designed not only to help you get more comfortable with being upside down but also to improve shoulder mobility, stability, muscle endurance and strength. As a proficient handstand walker, I joined the program to improve mobility, stability and body awareness. This program works! I am stoked with the progress I’ve made and the best part is that I will continue to use the exercises I learned! I loved this program! Definitely worth it."

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is required for each program?

The equipment needed is included in each individual program description

I already feel confident in a handstand- how will this handstand program benefit me?

We’ve had several athletes who were comfortable with being upside down absolutely love the program! The program includes a lot of shoulder mobility drills- useful for any over head skill- and an emphasis on strengthening some of the small shoulder muscles that often are neglected. 

What if I don't know how to do an exercise?

There are video demonstrations of every movement in every program- linked directly in TrainHeroic. The Tallant Method IG and YouTube also have in-depth tutorials for some of the more complex exercises.

Do you provide coaching along with these programs?

These programs do not include 1:1 coaching, but we have done our best to provide you with plenty of resources so  you can troubleshoot on your own! If you need 1:1 coaching, please apply for our program so we can get really specific about your goals! 

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