What Our Clients Say

Tiana helped me in ways I didn't even know I needed help!

I'm a nutrition coach and have been for the past four years, and I have helped hundreds of clients reach their weight loss and health goals. When it came to me getting help, I needed to call in a professional. I wasn't getting results on my own. I guess you could say it's like a doctor trying to complete their surgery. Not a good idea!

I had been following Tiana on Instagram for several months, and I knew she would be the person to call. I admire her honesty and vulnerability because she shared all parts of her journey; the good, the bad, and the ugly. I knew she wouldn't judge me and that she would be able to help me. I trusted her only by following her on Instagram!

In July 2020, I hired Tiana. We started with the familiar tools to get started, but she also helped me realize what was getting in my way. She helped me uncover my stumbling blocks but did it with empathy, humor, and kindness.

I didn't know I needed to be heard and seen the same way I wanted to be there for my clients. I, too, need to take care of myself the best way I can every day. Tiana helped me realize that I deserve to feel better, too. I have to take care of myself to be there for others and enjoy life more. If I am the best version of myself, I will bring my best to the world.

I recommend hiring Tiana if you are struggling with your weight or your confidence in your body. She will be your biggest advocate, and she is a master of problem-solving to get you results.
“I desperately needed to get back on track after several years of inconsistent eating and training (Which is hard to admit as a gym owner 😬.) I can easily help others with their training and nutrition but was failing to treat myself with that same objectivity. I needed a coach, but not just any coach- I needed Tiana! Working with Tiana got me back on track which means I finally have the energy I’ve been missing, my sex drive is better than ever, I actually have mental clarity, and my body is finally changing for the first time in years. If you’re on the fence, stop thinking about it and just say YES to working with Tiana. You won’t regret it.”
“I’ve been working with Tiana for a few months. She is incredibly knowledgeable. I love the way she talks to me, no bullshit. She’s to the point and can really explain what is going on. She is patient and not judgemental but will def let you know what you need to do to achieve your goals. I’ve tried every fad diet…working with Tiana is the best decision I’ve made and it has changed my perspective on what goes into my body. There are a lot of personal coaches out there that will blow smoke or just coach one nutritional path. Tiana is not that kind of coach. She does her homework and it shows. She will get to know you and help you figure out what will work best for you and your life.”
“When I first started with you it was more about just physical change and there were a lot of mental issues I wasn’t aware of. Besides the physical change, I have already gained so much from this mentally and am just in such a better place than I was six weeks ago.”
“I love how you encouraged be to count/ weigh food but you knew I had a poor relationship with food so you didn’t make me feel bad for counting or eating intuitively! Loved working with you for the time I did!”
“Tiana has given me support with not just nutrition but life and mindset as well. For weightlifting meets she has been there every step of the way while other coaches just check in with me on our regular days and I was left on my own to make sure I made weight. There’s so much I’ve learned… Learning how to live in balance, being happier with my body at any stage, loving myself and learning maintenance!! I used to live in a restrict/binge cycle. Tiana has been everything a coach should be!”
“There are some more basic things that I appreciate like how easy it is to talk with you and joke around and actually be a human instead of a nutrition robot. I genuinely felt your personality and emotions shine through. It wasn’t a clinical or sugar-coated formal interaction and that helped me get comfortable telling you very personal details (helloooo bowel movements). It made me feel like -I- didn’t need to sugarcoat anything either, and that I could always question information or advice until I was on a level that I was comfortable with.
I initially reached out to Tiana wanting to optimise my performance and ensure I was able to fuel the training (weightlifting) I was doing correctly. In the past I had worked with a few different coaches and felt that for someone my size 73kg, 170cm tall and relatively muscular and lean, I was undereating. In the past I had felt that my concerns about calorie intake were ignored and despite having all kinds of yucky side effects (unable to sleep, hormonal acne, unable to gain strength, amenorrhea) the nutrition coaching I received was not individualised for my unique situation.
Working with Tiana for the last 8 months was an incredible journey, We began working together a month out of a local weightlifting meet and she slowly increased my food to around 300g of carbs which for me was insane. By the end of the 8 month journey, I was cutting on 300g of carbs!!  My metabolism adapted and adjusted to the point where I could eat basically as much as I needed to fuel my training and still stay within a relatively close range to my competition weight class. 
The whole process working with T was great because I felt like I was always heard, I am a massive nerd and I love to read journals and listen to podcasts and ask questions. She was so open to discussing alternative ways of doing things and never got defensive or dismissive if she didn’t know the answer. She would research for me and send me journal links to things she had found and even adjusted my macro prescription a few times based on the concerns I had or the preferences I asked for. She was always available via text when any issues or questions arose and didn’t limit our interactions to the prescribed one email a week. I think this also puts her ahead of the game as a nutrition coach because being approachable and available to your clients makes them feel so much more supported and at ease. 
My last major national level competition T guided me through a basically effortless weight cut, I was at body weight striking range 2 weeks out which ensured lots of refeeds, eating the morning of my comp and even having some chocolate the night before. In comparison to my other team mates, I was cruising into comp mode and came away with a 3kg total PB and a 3kg Snatch PB and a bronze medal in my weight class by only 1kg. I honestly felt like having her in my corner to voice my concerns to and to continue to affirm my food choices and our plan helped so much with the stress leading up to the comp. Even when there were a few melt downs about worrying about recovery and not feeling strong, she reminded me how this is all part of the beautiful (and annoying) weightlifting process and kept cheerleading for me from the other side of the world. 
Overall, I couldn’t recommend Tiana highly enough for any one looking to get a good handle on how to fuel their body, how to tackle any health or hormonal issues or just generally address their relationship with food. She is like a best buddy, a life coach and a nutritionist all rolled into one and really cares and values the relationships she builds with her clients. As someone who has worked with a few different people in this industry, she is really one of a kind and a diamond in a hay stack!
Thanks for everything T, you’re incredible <3