What are 3 things you do well?

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I think that so often we fixate on things that we want to fix or do better that we forget to acknowledge the things that we are doing really freaking well.

Um. Hi my name is Tiana and I am v guilty of this.

I was talking with a client about this yesterday- and realized that I haven’t been acknowledging what I’ve been doing well recently- like at all.

So in the interest of showing up and doing the work, I’m going to share with you all 3 things that I think I do well.

  1. I’m a great listener. This has always been one of my ninja skills and I think it’s the reason that I ended up in fields like psychology, physical therapy, and now coaching. Listening is really at the crux of the work that I do. And like actually hearing people- putting aside my narrative of what I think is happening and just listening. I think this is one of foundational skills of great coaching.
  2. I’m really good at applying principles across contexts. Recently, I started realizing that I was feeling really ashamed/ embarrassed about certain parts of my life– mainly that I live with my Grandmother and my mom at 31 and that I have $83k debt from a career that I left after only one year of practice. My story is like wow- this is a disaster- you’re a failure- etc etc. DO YOU HEAR ANY SELF LOVE?? Lols. Because I certainly don’t. I started thinking about conversations I have with clients around body image- “you don’t have to love your body shape all the time but not loving your body shape doesn’t make you a bad person- it makes you human.” Like would I ever shame a friend about their body the way I have shamed myself about my body in the past? Definitely not. So I’m working to apply the same principles of self-compassion in a different context. Dear Tiana- you are not a bad person because you live at home and because you have some debt. You are working on creating a better future for yourself. Your self-worth is not dependent on your living situation. Or how many zeros you have (or don’t have) in your bank account. Or how many Instagram followers you have. Or how much you weigh. Or how much you can lift. Or whether you still fit into your size x jeans. Or whether you’re married. Or whether you have kids. Etc.
  3. I am incredibly persistent. I don’t give up. I might take longer to learn things or require more practice, but I am persistent. And I am not afraid to fail. Repeatedly. I will keep getting back up and try again. I have put in work cultivating resilience over the last 31 years. I’m not interested diving into specifics right now, but I do know that what I have been through has made me fucking tough.

Okay- your turn!! What are 3 things you do well?? GET TO WRITING!! Tag me @tiananicholetallant if you decide to share your 3 things on IG :))



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